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… o dello stupore rinnovato …

sono ormai quasi vent’anni che lavoro nello spazio (inteso come spazio profondo, spazio siderale, vuoto, o quel che c’è sopra l’atmosfera, fate voi), e ne ho viste di cotte e di crude, ma il fascino delle stelle, dei pianeti, e delle passeggiate cosmiche a suon di strauss di 2001 odissea nello spazio rimane sempre …

guardate la vista che si gode dalla International Space Station delle luci del sud e ditemi se lo stupore non ha ragione di essere …


9.12.1930 – 18.5.2010

“incidetele a lettere di scatola, miei lettori testamentari (e parlo ai miei scolari, gli ipocriti miei figli, i filoproletari che tanto mi assomigliano, innumerevoli, ormai, come i grani di sabbia del vacuo mio deserto), queste parole mie, sopra la tomba mia, con la saliva, intingendovi un dito nella bocca: (come io lo intingo, adesso, tra gli eccessivi ascessi delle algide mie gengive): me la sono goduta, io, la mia vita”

che la terra ti sia lieve

La poesia dei Quanti

trovo e pubblico (da Quantum Mechanics):

The Time I Grew Weary With Quantum Theory

Once upon a theoretical quantum leap,
Where classical thought lies fast asleep,
And nothing continuous is taken into account,
Because things are grouped in set amounts.
My good friend Planck was sitting quietly,
Contemplating the radiation of a blackbody.
Upon my arrival, he turned to me and said,
“Take my constant for your journey ahead.”
I had to keep moving, so I left him there
Because like Einstein’s photons in the air,
Without any speed, my existence is, alas,
Completely nonexistent due to zero mass.
As I flew, my mind attempted to collect
Thoughts about the photoelectric effect,
Whose duality made my mood quite grave,
For apparently, I was a particle and a wave.
Heisenberg tried to give me a guarantee,
With his principle of uncertainty,
But I grew depressed while he was showing
I was lost if I knew how fast I was going.
So I left him there, trying not to cry,
When I came upon the symbol psi.
Perhaps I could alleviate my desperation
With help from the Schrödinger equation.
I found my position along an axis, bar none,
For my probability was equal to one.
Because much to my great surprise
My equation had been normalized.
What does that say about our capabilities,
To have a world set on probabilities?
But I continued, tunneling through an infinite wall,
Just to meet up with my old friend Paul.
Now, Dirac was surfing on a wave,
And so he turned to me and gave
An equation meant to reconcile
The classical and quantum style.
But my tired system was too perturbed,
My confused thoughts far too disturbed,
Even my Hamiltonian operator couldn’t junction
With its own personal Eigenfunction.
Was I dead or alive, or somewhere in between?
Was I a particle, a wave, or an undiscovered dream?
Finally, I decided to fight quantum in direct combat
And paid one final visit to Schrödinger’s cat.

By Maria Moutsoglou, entangled

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